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Chios Energy Healing Practitioner Training
These trainings will prepare you to do energy healing sessions for your own personal growth, a new career, or to add to your current healing practice.
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We will use this as our text, and a constant reference into the future.

Chios training will require reading and completing the workbook for each level as you move through the course.  When you attend the in-person training you will already have the knowledge you receive from your home studies.  We review what you studied, and you will practice what you are learning.  You can also ask about our long distance learning and attunement program. 

Chios Level I 

Location TBA 9am-1pm

Chios Level I will teach you basic energy healing skills that are the foundation for Chios Levels II and III.  These skills can be used for hands-on healing of family and friends.  This level can also be beneficial to massage therapists, reflexologist and other body workers to enhance their current profession.  

In Chios Level I you will learn how to call in the energy, sense the energy field, the proper hand positions and chakra basics, and how to end a treatment session.  We will cover precautions and special situations.

You will receive Level I attunement preferably before the class.   Complete your Level I workbook before coming to the training.  A Chios Level I Certificate suitable for framing will be awarded after you have completed your attunement, workbook with a passing score, and the training.  No prerequisite is required for Level I, just a desire to be open and connect with the pure conscious energy that is always flowing through each one of us.

If you are ready to start your journey to become an energy healer or enhance your current energy healing skills, find Chios Level I in our Web Store to get started.  

Chios Level II     TBA  9 am-4 pm 

Chios Level II allows you to become a practitioner of Chios Energy Healing.  This level will increase your knowledge and skills building on what you learned in Level I, and expand your healing abilities.  In this level you you will learn how to use the Chios symbols to call in the energy.  You become more aware of the chakras, aura, and learn many techniques to clear and balance the energy field.

A good portion of this day will be practicing on other students and is an important part of Chios II training.

 You will receive Level II attunement.  A Practitioner Certificate suitable for framing will be awarded after you have passed a test.  Complete your Level II workbook before coming to the training. 

Chios Level II begins an intense journey of learning and experiencing how to use color and light in a healing session.  Practicing your new knowledge and skills will be necessary to become an effective healer.  You can now offer Chios Energy Healing to clients.

Level I is a prerequisite. 

When you are ready to move forward please find Chios Level II in our Web Store.

Chios Level III - Completion of Levels I and II are necessary to move onto this level.

Chios Level III is going to teach you advanced and powerful techniques.  This is Chios Master Teacher Level.  Your third attunement will elevate your healing abilities of channeling energy, light, and color.  You now learn to use the Chios symbols in a different way to work with the chakras.  In Level III you learn to view and sense defects in the chakras and layers of aura.  These are abilities that can be acquired through practice.  Many techniques are learned in this level to take your healing sessions to a new level of mastery.  

This Level of study also requires practice, much of our day will be  practice on other students during this training.  This training will be either 1 day or 2 days depending on the number of students.

Chios Level III when completed allows you to teach Chios Energy Healing if you so choose.  You will now be given the instructions for giving attunements, the workbooks to share with your students, and certificates to give your students upon successful completion of each level.

You will receive a Chios Master Teacher certificate suitable for framing and you will feel as though you earned it!  And you did.  You can also request to be listed on the ChiosHealing official website, once you have successfully completed this Level III training.

Levels I and II are prerequisites for Level III.  You will receive the Level III workbook when your order is received

When you are ready to move forward please find Chios Level III in the Web Store.