Susan Robinson Yoga

Honoring your uniqueness to create balance, radiant health & happiness
~Susan Robinson

Susan Robinson

Susan has always been interested in health and wellness, and enjoys helping others improve their overall health. Since her teenage years she has been studying self-help, nutrition, and how to be mindful of her body and life through yoga. After a long career as a professional hairstylist, she owned an independent facial and energy healing business for over 20 years, and has been teaching yoga for more than ten years.


Susan is the creator of "Dancing With Chakras", a fun yet deep experiential process of unblocking your chakras to allow your life force energy to flow freely.


Susan can guide you to being and staying healthy through yoga, energy healing which includes reflexology, Tuning Fork  Technique, Chios Energy Healing, Thai Yoga for Women, aroma therapy, Mediterranean nutritional blends, and organic skin care.

Yoga with Susan is offered at 

Julie Rogers Studio of Dance

4120 Old Town Rd

Huntingtown MD 20639       on the following days:

Monday 11:00 am - Gentle Yoga  

Wednesday 11:00 am - Gentle Yoga 

Friday 11:00 am - Focus Friday - Each Friday offers education in one of the many interesting aspects of yoga such as hip openers, mudras, meditation, etc.


 (class passes may be purchased online from our webstore or onsite, 

registration not required) 

Please note:  Contact Susan with any questions, not JRSD

Classes offered with Susan at World Gym Prince Frederick:

(Gym membership required, OR $11 at the door)

Monday 9:00 am - Gentle Yoga

Friday 4:45 pm - Yoga (Deep Stretch and Strength)

Private Sessions may also be available

Women's Thai Yoga is offered at:  

Huntintown MD - call Susan to inquire 410-610-0460 

Flexible hours 410-610-0460 text or call 24/7